2013 – 2014
Youth Media Team

The Arviat Greenhouse Project explored food insecurity and various ways to improve access to healthy foods in the community. Activities included formation of a youth media team, which used film, web development and storytelling to inform and engage the community.

An experimental greenhouse was constructed, youth learned to build portable grow boxes and experimented with composting techniques.

Notable Quotes:

“A really big thing that we’ve always been trying to stress here in the community is being able to share what they’re learning and to be able to share what they’re doing with other communities so that other communities can do it too.”

-Jamie Bell, Kivalliq News, July 24, 2013

“We want to use youth to say, hey, your land, having your culture around you, can provide so much more than just food. Your connection to food is a connection to your identity as a people. You are what you eat.”

-Jamie Bell, Huffington Post Canada, October 3, 2013


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