Street Art and Murals of Ford City

Windsor’s Ford City is an eclectic mix of historic buildings, shops and small businesses hosting an amazing collection of murals and street art.

When I first thought of buying a house in Windsor, a lot of people told me it was a bad neighbourhood. I disagree, and fell in love with Ford City right away. Sure, it’s had some rough days, but I learned very quickly it’s a resilient neighbourhood with a lot of history, grit and charm. On a quiet day, one can almost imagine what life was like back in the 1940s or ’50s.

Drouillard Road is a terrific place to walk. If you start up by Trenton Street and walk down, you’ll see all these terrific murals on the sides of buildings.

This one’s located at the Ford City Parkette across the street from the Grand Cantina restaurant (also a fantastic place to visit!). I had a wonderful conversation with an older fellow about what it was like before the neighbourhood hit rough times and how much it’s changed since then.

This boxing mural is just beside the train tracks near Deming Street.

This mural of the Detroit River waterfront is one of my favourites. It’s on the corner of Drouillard and Seminole.

This spectacular owl mural can be found at the Ford City Community Garden. It’s a beautiful space with benches and picnic tables and surrounded by plants and flowers. It’s one of my favourite Ford City places.

Many Ford City buildings have murals showcasing the rich history of the Ford Motor Company of Canada.

I don’t know the streets very well yet, but I’m going to go back and write down the locations of these murals and more information about the artists so people can go and see them. I hope to add more as time goes by.

So, the next time you’re out and about, take an hour to walk the streets of Ford City. It’s a terrific area to explore.

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