Resilience and Academic achievement in community-driven programs

Another exciting paper on resilience and our work with the Arviat Film Society was recently published in the Journal of Perseverance and Academic Achievement for First Peoples and the Centre des Premières Nations Nikanite and the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.

The Contribution of Inuit Youth and Community-Driven Informal Educational Programs to life-long Learning and Perseverance (PDF)érault_Truchon_AN.pdf

La contribution des jeunes inuit et des programmes communautaires à l’apprentissage et à la persévérance tout au long de la vie.érault_Truchon.pdf

Thanks to Shirley Tagalik, Vincent l’Hérault, Marie-Hélène Truchon, Jrène Rahm, Gord Billard and Eric Anoee, Jr. for the opportunity to collaborate on this, and many other resilience-related projects over the last decade.

So many of the activities and programs we’ve supported over the years are easily replicable for other Inuit, First Nations and Metis communities and I hope this paper gives people ideas on how they can structure informal educational programming of their own.

You can read Volume 3 of the Journal here:

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