My first City Diversity Committee meeting

It’s off to City Hall for me. Today is the first meeting of the City of Windsor’s Diversity Commitee.I’ve been appointed as one of the committee volunteers and am excited to learn about the amazing things they’re doing.

Since the weather was nice I thought it would be fun to explore downtown a bit. I’m two hours early.Time to check out the Detroit River waterfront. This is definitely one of the nicest places to see in Windsor.

There’s an old train on the riverfront. I’d never noticed it before. It’s called the Spirit of Windsor.

Windsor’s waterfront has a lot of really lovely spaces to sit and watch the world to by.

The Rotary Club has a wonderful space down by the riverfront. I can’t help but think about Dungeons and Dragons when I look at some of these beautiful sculptures.

I have no idea what these are, but they are cool. I think they are for loading and unloading some kind of cargo.

Even more fun was the opportunity to pass through an amusement park being set up on the waterfront near the casino.

It was so cool to walk through these corridors of empty amusement park rides and games. Even though there were people around, it seemed so eerie and quiet.

Barely a soul in sight on the Detroit riverfront.

And of course, the best part of amusement parks are always the haunted houses. This one seems to have Pennywise. Yikes.

This old car has been turned into a flower garden. What a super cool idea!

And that’s my little walkabout for today exploring downtown Windsor.

I went to my meeting and had a terrific time. The city’s Diversity Committee is a really cool group of people. Lots of enthusiasm and it definitely felt open, welcoming and inclusive!

We didn’t do much beyond introducing ourselves. It’s a four-year mandate so there will be plenty of time.

For now we learned about each other and some of the diversity and inclusion work the city is already doing.

We also got to check out these really neat simultaneous translation services the city is rolling out.

It is really cool to punch a few buttons and have access to a live interpreter who can translate for clients.

This is great for services for people from other countries and it would be very interesting to see if these services could eventually include Indigenous languages as well, like Inuktitut.

The City’s Diversity Commitee is a terrific group of people and I think I will learn an incredible amount from them other the next four years.

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