Adventures in Gardening: My Oriental Lilies

I always said my gardening hobby would never turn into anything more than dirt and beautiful flowers. No computers or online anything. Pictures excluded, of course!

One of the highlights of my summer so far is being able to plant some new oriental lilies.

For those not familiar with last year’s adventures, I’ve spent the better part of these last two summers rehabilitating some old flower beds in the yard of an old house I bought here in Windsor.

This summer, I focused a lot one of the front beds, replacing soil, planting bulbs, and laying down some decorative rocks.

On April 10, I planted three beautiful Oriental Lilies purchased at the Windsor Home and Garden Show. I fell in love with them at first sight.

I’ve had problems with animals digging up bulbs, so in an attempt to avoid future heartbreak and disappointment I laid down chicken wire underneath some of the soil and rocks.

The bulbs will have no problem growing through the spaces I cut in the wire, and hopefully nothing will be able to dig them up.

I really do enjoy going out on the front porch each morning, excited to see how they are progressing.

These oriental lilies grow so fast!

As of today, June 15, the lilies are now reaching 30-33 inches tall! I am so happy to watch them grow.

Their bulbs are sprouting and I hope to see beautiful yellow and white lilies within a few weeks!

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